App Store Optimization (ASO) is applied for mobile applications in the same way that search engine optimization (SEO) is employed for websites. It is the process of optimizing apps to enhance their exposure on major app stores such as Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play store. 

Launching a profitable app requires a significant amount of effort, to play store creativity remain competitive in the industry, you must utilize ASO as a stealth tool. App store optimization isn’t a one-time task, and it might feel like an endless chore, but it can be accomplished with the right expertise. Here are a few tips and tricks that may be useful to improve your app in 2022. 

1. Make the app’s description simple to read and meaningful: 
The app description is the most common one that every user reads to know about your application. Try to use simple English which is filled with more information in short lines. 

2. Keep track of keyword ranks and search results: 
Tracking the search result can be helpful to make more users with the help of keywords. The keywords help us to get top in the search list and boost the installation of applications. 

3. Analyse the positions of your keywords to your competitor: 
Try to know about the keywords used by your competitor by analyzing them. The keywords are the one which makes major differences when competition comes between two. 

4. Keep your character count to a minimum: 
For keyword targeting, Google Play and iOS use various text resources. Try to improve your optimization within specific element restrictions. Spaces and commas are included in the character limit. 

5. Use the Google Play Developers website in your favor: 
Google Play has introduced a new feature that allows developers to advertise their brand and apps by creating a dedicated developer page. You’ll have an allocated URL for this developer page, which you can use to share it with users, display your brand, and provide them access to your whole app collection. 

6. On fundamental localized keyword research, use the local Google: 
Begin your keyword research by going to the Google page in your area. Analyze what keywords are popular in the top results in that language. Use Google Translate to acquire some seed keywords in that language. 

7.  Reviews are keys:  
You’ll need to set up a system for creating frequent reviews, as well as responding to and engaging with users. The reviews give you both positive and negative which helps you to modify your app as per user need.    

8. Utilize the Playstore  advantage  preview videos of the app: 
Videos became more important in SEO tactics. A survey shows that 56% of users watch the preview video of the application before installing it. Make a video that is more impressive with more graphic design. 

9. Update to the trend: 
Keep your app always updated to the present trend which helps to attract more users. Trend changes frequently according to the need. So provide some offers which make the user happy to use the app. 

10. Don’t ignore the value of your graphic assets: 
The layout change has several consequences for the app’s graphics strategy, demanding fast adjustments. As a result, it’s critical to keep an eye on what modifications are made and how they may affect your present visuals. A seemingly little detail, such as the margin of your screenshot’s border, might be the difference between involvement and loss of enthusiasm. 

11. Make an effective app icon: 
Icons are the most attractive ones which cover users. Make a good-looking icon that implies your application’s use visually. Make sure that the icon also looks professional and unique. 

12. Know Your Customer: 
Always try to know about your customer’s needs and solve them frequently which is the most important step to be taken to increase the number of users. They are the ones who can suggest the app to others for use. Make sure that every negative review is solved in upcoming updates. 

13. Include screenshots and even screen recordings of your app’s performance: 
To have a preview of your application include the best screenshots and screen recording as the play store has given the option to include in it, which is very helpful for the app developer to show their application interface.   

14. Make a catchy Title by combining your Brand name and the keywords: 
“Title becomes the brand”.Titles give the app more publicity, make your title more trendy with the help of keywords. Keywords help in ranking up and appear at the top in the search results.    

15. Use positive feedback or evidence: 
The rating decides the application interface and its working. Try to have a rating of more than 4.5 in the play store which is an important one ASO. Have good feedback on the review site as it can help to have a new user. 

16. Adapt to Changes in the Play Store algorithms: 
Google modifies its algorithm on listings much like any other app, and it’s critical to stay on top of these changes to ensure a constant position. Even in recent modification, a lot of the ranking criteria now leans towards user involvement in order to improve the discovery of well performing apps. 

17. Use the “What’s New” pop up  for more advantages: 
The user may download the app but forget to use it and the pop-up helps to remember them. The pop-up is very useful to keep connected with the user. In this, the What’s new pop-up can increase the user expectation to try your new update. 

18. Modify the design in your app to important holidays or events: 
This is an important strategy that is used in this modern world to attract the present user. Modifying the app related to upcoming events and holidays can attract the user and this strategy is used to sustain the present user.  

19. Get backlinks: 
One of the most complex things is acquiring backlinks, which usually requires a lot of time.  Ultimately, only high-quality links are important, the referring URLs should have a strong website reputation score and be related to the app’s functioning. You get bonus points if there are a lot of links pointing to your Google Play app page. Backlinks can be used for marketing objectives while also assisting with your ASO strategy.  

20. Keep count of the frequency and speed of installations: 
Always have a track of installations and velocity. It can help us to optimize our application, help to decrease the period in between each download, and boost more downloads. 

To enhance app rankings, ASO, like any digital marketing, ought to be an enormous challenge involving trials and insights. You must keep track of your positions and installations regularly, as this will serve as the foundation for a steady supply of suggestions on how to enhance your presence. The applications with the top rating levels are those that keep their audience interested and constantly seek consumer input to help define their growth plan and successful system implementation. Follow the above-mentioned tips, and you’ll soon be able to overtake your competition in the app store’s top listings with precise measuring and modest experiments.