Wondering what would be the perfect key to gain the maximum conversion rate? Well, the real work comes in with the help of landing pages! Usually, in digital marketing, a landing page is referred to a single web page that tends to appear in the search engine results, marketing promotion, email marketing, or in any online advertisement.  

The primary goal of landing pages is to gain more conversion rates, which can be obtained by converting the site visitors into sales or leads. A landing page can spruce up your website and its effectiveness of advertising at the drop of a hat. Also, having said that, it is not compulsory to have only one landing page, for a well-burgeoning website, it is better to have multiple landing pages, as it augments the likelihood of welcoming potential customers.  

Why do we need to consider a landing page? 
As the landing page drives the customers straight to what he/she has been looking for, so there would be no high cost of acquiring leads or sales to the website. Ultimately, your website’s conversion rate progresses inversely to that of budget optimization. This convincing tool enables the users to click the link that consists of things that they have been searching for, then and there the landing page delivers the users’ desired help, and soon after, the user converts.  

Usually, rendering unwanted information, products and services, only annoys the users, rather than want them to make a purchase. In that case, landing pages, an influential CTA tool, which addresses the exact search the user, has been looking for on the internet. With no further ado, the user will get what they want by just clicking the ad, by setting a stage for the landing page. Furthermore, it is a gateway to get a good chance at SEO ranking, and an efficient buying or subscribing process.  

How to design as well as optimize a high converting landing page? 

  • Pick the best landing page builder: As a matter of fact, choosing the best landing page builder depends on your company, goal, and skill levels. However, stick to a landing page builder which is preloaded with landing page templates. With this, your landing pages will be created very effectively with long-term conversion rate goals. Plus it also provides access to keep track of page views, scroll depth, and click-thru rate, among other metrics.  
  • Remove navigation elements: Here is a quick procedure on how to start a proper landing page; Precede with an explanation, followed by benefits, testimonials, and CTA at the end.  
  • Keep things simple as much as possible: Rather than leaving the users in an ambiguous state, keep everything simple and immaculate, including the information, layout, text, and designs.  
  • Social Proof for your prospects: According to a recent study, over 71 percent of millennials approach to make a purchase only when they are recommended on social media often. Create a social media place for yourself, where it could tell about your interest in a creative and more trusting way. Also, incorporating case studies with real-time images of your products and services will benefit you as well as the users.  
  • A sales pitch video: According to the hype received by YouTube in 2020, it is a great choice to include a sales video in the business. Mostly, impressive sales videos that last for at least two minutes thirty seconds, however, make sure the content is top-notch. On the whole, create a sales pitch video in such a way that it is logical, relevant, and consists of headlines, subheads, an explanation, images, contact information, a guarantee, and a powerful call to action element.  
  • Use bullet or numbered points: If your product is information-based, then defining them into bulletin points or numbered lists is better than a long tedious paragraph.  
  • Reinforce your value proposition tactically: Repeating the catch-phrase often will remind or urge the users to make a purchase as soon as possible.  
  • Minimize the page-load of the landing page:  To boost your page speed, reduce the size of CSS, Javascript, and HTML files that are larger than 150 bytes, leverage browsing coaching and reduce redirects. Also, make sure your website doesn’t show ‘Error 404’, as it vexes people more.  
  • A/B testing: The strategy of interchanging the two layouts of your landing page, to understand the best traffic rate is A/B testing. This will infer which page has garnered the most traffic and conversion rates. Also, asking for suggestions from friends and colleagues before launching will leave your landing page a trademark forever.  

What is the importance of having a high converting landing page? 
The positioning of CTA elements in various platforms, will strategically build a bridge between a prospect and the business. The landing pages land the visitors after clicking the link, relating to your site in an email, or from ads in Google, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, or any social media platform. As earlier mentioned, the first and foremost goal of landing pages is to increase the conversion rates of your marketing campaigns by the reasonable means of expanding leads and sales simultaneously.  

Unlike a homepage, landing pages will directly lead the prospects to perceive the brand’s customer journey, just by linking it to the business’s contact information or its website. Furthermore, landing pages act as a catalyst, by pitching in that the users are on the right page and delivering messages that evoke trust among the customers.  

Moreover, landing pages are totally different from the concept of the homepage, as the landing page directs the customers to the page, which consists of things on what they have been exactly looking for. Meanwhile, the homepage is the main page of a website, that renders every nook and corner of the business, but not the products or services, the clicked-customer has been looking for.